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5 Things You Need to Know About Good Friday

Good Friday is the most somber day of the Christian year. It is the day our Savior died for us. It is the day we were redeemed from our sins by the voluntary death of God Himself at the hands of man.

Here are 9 things you need to know.

1. Why is this day called "Good Friday"

It's not for the reason you might think.

Despite the fact that "good" is a common English word, tempting us to say the name is based on the fact that something very good (our redemption) happened on this day, that's not where the name comes from.

Precisely where it does come from is disputed. The Catholic Encyclopedia explains:

The origin of the term Good is not clear. Some say it is from "God's Friday" (Gottes Freitag); others maintain that it is from the German Gute Freitag, and not specially English.

It is also argued that the name is based on a Medieval use of the word good where it meant "holy." Thus "Good Friday" would have come from "Holy Friday," the same way we have Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday.

2. What happened on the first Good Friday?

Quite a number of things. During the night, Jesus had been arrested and taken before the high priests Annas and Caiaphas. It was during this time that Peter denied him.

According to the gospels, Jesus:

  • Was taken before Pilate in the morning
  • Sent to Herod
  • Returned to Pilate
  • Was mocked and beaten
  • Saw Barabbas released in his stead
  • Was crowned with thorns
  • Was condemned to death
  • Carried the crushing burden of his cross
  • Told the weeping women what would happen in the future
  • Was crucified between two thieves
  • Forgave those who crucified him
  • Entrusted the Virgin Mary to the beloved disciple
  • Assured the good thief of his salvation
  • Said his famous seven last words
  • Cried out and died

In addition:

  • There was darkness over the land
  • There was an earthquake
  • The veil of the temple was torn in two
  • Many saints of the Old Testament period were raised
  • A soldier pierced Christ's side and blood and water flowed out
  • Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus went to Pilate and asked for Jesus' body
  • He was buried in Joseph's own tomb
  • A guard was set over the tomb
  • All Jesus' friends and family grieved at his death

If you’d like to read the gospel accounts themselves, you can use these links:

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3. How do we celebrate Good Friday today?

According to the main document governing the celebrations connected with Easter, Paschales Solemnitatis:

58. On this day, when "Christ our Passover was sacrificed," the Church:

meditates on the passion of her Lord and Spouse,
adores the cross,
commemorates her origin from the side of Christ asleep on the cross,
and intercedes for the salvation of the whole world.

4. Are fast and abstinence required on Good Friday?

Yes. Paschales Solemnitatis notes:

60. Good Friday is a day of penance to be observed as of obligation in the whole Church, and indeed through abstinence and fasting.

For more information on the requirement of fast and abstinence, you should click here.

5. Are the sacraments celebrated on Good Friday?

For the most part, no. Good Friday is the only day of the year on which the celebration of Mass is forbidden.

Paschales Solemnitatis notes:

59. On this day, in accordance with ancient tradition, the Church does not celebrate the Eucharist.

Holy Communion is distributed to the faithful during the Celebration of the Lord's Passion alone, though it may be brought at any time of the day to the sick who cannot take part in the celebration.

61. All celebration of the sacraments on this day is strictly prohibited, except for the sacraments of Penance and Anointing of the Sick.

Funerals are to be celebrated without singing, music, or the tolling of bells.

Baptism in danger of death is also permitted.


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Good Friday 2019 When Is Good Friday

What is Good Friday? 

The most imperative occasions in Christianity are the demise and later restoration of Jesus Christ, who Christians accept is the Son of God, and whose life and lessons are the establishment of Christianity.

Good Friday is multi-day of grieving. Amid unique Good Friday administrations, Christians think about Jesus' agony and demise on the cross, and what this implies for their confidence.

In a few nations, there are exceptional Good Friday parades or re-establishment of the Crucifixion.

For what reason is it called 'Good Friday'? 

At first look, it appears an abnormal name for multi-day that imprints such an unpleasant occasion as an execution, yet when we take a gander at the starting point of the name it moves toward becoming clearer... or then again it would if there was one cause that individuals could concede to. The way things are, you can take your pick from the accompanying:

Some say it originates from the utilization of "Good" as a modifier connected to the day, or, in other words, English equivalent word for "holy."

Others trust it originates from a debasement of "God," similarly that "Good Bye" originates from the expression "God be with ye." So the name might be gotten from 'God's Friday'.

Without a doubt, most Christians see the day as "good" on the grounds that the message of Easter is of Christ's triumph over wrongdoing, demise, and the demon. To be sure, the New Testament is otherwise called the Gospel, or, in other words 'Good News'.

Additionally, it is important that this perplexity over the name is kept to generally Western European and North American Christians. Eastern Orthodox Christians call it "Extraordinary and Holy Friday". Around whatever is left of the world, it's known as Holy Friday in most Latin countries, 'Awesome Friday' by the Slavic people groups, "Friday of Mourning" in Germany and "Long Friday" in Norway

Dates of Good Friday
April 10th
April 19th
March 30th
April 14th
March 25th
So Good Friday will Celebrate in 19th April 2019. Thanks For Visiting


5 Things You Need to Know About Good Friday

Good Friday is the most somber day of the Christian year. It is the day our Savior died for us. It is the day we were redeemed from our sin...